September 2022

New monitoring charts with progress in the creation and analysis of Buyer Personas, Customers and Competitors, a visualization that commits you to...

August 2022

Complementing the information of Buyer Personas will be X3 times faster, extract pains and goals with artificial intelligence from any website that...

Analyzing your competitors in seconds will be even simpler, extracting information such as features, pains and goals from any website and adding them...

July 2022

New demo product to get you started on GETitOUT with a complete example as a basis for founding your own marketing, quickly testing content generation...

Power Up Your Favorite Marketing Tools: Build your marketing foundation in GETitOUT from Buyer Personas to Benefits, and then use them to create...

Add Company characteristics in Buyer Persona as Number of Employees, Yearly Turnover, Geography to strengthen analysis.

June 2022

Subfeatures can be moved to a different feature via drag-and-drop.

Implement quick presets in Buyer Personas to streamline the analysis process.

May 2022

Quickly add and edit pains, goals, and subfeatures, plus add one or more AI-generated items with a click.

You can add subfeatures and improve the description of your product features with the help of artificial intelligence in one click.

You can add pains & goals to your buyer personas with the help of artificial intelligence.

April 2022

Implementation of whitelabel in created materials such as Landing Pages and websites, this can be activated and deactivated in the design section...

Optimize Update Preview in Editor Step 3 to reduce the number of items.

March 2022

Development of Admin, Editor and Viewer roles for each user, independent of the product and its permissions by section.

Configuration of permissions to users is implemented, giving access by product and by section (input, analyze and create), in addition to filtering...

February 2022

New integration with Google Drive will allow you to create editable materials with the Google Slides tool from presentations, business cards, roll...

Implementation of magic selector of building blocks in step 2 of the editor, selects necessary blocks to create their materials and optimizes the...

January 2022

Integration implementation that sends lead information from GETitOUT forms to your Mailchimp account. (lists, groups, tags included)

Integration implementation that sends lead information from GETitOUT forms to your HubSpot account.

December 2021

Markdown has been implemented in the editor to format the text (bold, italic, color, link, etc...) in materials such as websites, landing pages,...

Submit to Wordpress Websites or Landing Pages to keep them on your domain. For this, a plugin has been implemented in WordPress that you must install...

November 2021

The generation of Benefits with the help of AI has been optimized, the rating function has been added to rate the texts, and the history of...

New templates in Emails as Free Trial, New Subscriber, Free Strategy Session and Contact.

October 2021

Artificial Intelligence implementation to generate texts. Save history of generations.

Improve the product assistant to streamline the process and build a foundation. Presets in each step.

September 2021

Improve the analysis of each website by adding the conversion information associated with the call-to-action (form) that the page has.

Mailchimp Integration. New folder of GETitOUT. Overwrite or Save copy.

August 2021

Improve structure with liquid templates. UI improvements in template components.

July 2021

Call-to-action Implementation. Form and button implementation. Mailchimp integration.

Activate the commercial use of free images with access to licenses in materials. New upload images behaviour.

June 2021

Publish website in GETitOUT hosting. Export website in format HTML. Analytics implementation.

May 2021

Extract images, colors and social media from websites. Implementation of extract info on product, clients and competitors.

April 2021

Order implementation in Buyer Personas, Clients, Competitors and Features sections.


First collection of templates for websites and emails.

March 2021

Implementation of the first material editor in 3 steps. Supports different types of materials from websites, emails to signatures.

February 2021

Buyer Personas, Clients & Competitors Implementation.

January 2021

Product, Features & Company Implementation.


Users spoke and we listened, now we are working on a new text generator that will go beyond AI content....

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